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Risks and Possible Complications of Endoscopic Surgery

Your doctor has recommended an endoscopic operation to correct disease of the paranasal sinuses.  The following is a list of the most likely possible complications, but is not an exhaustive list.

1.   Minor complications that may occur include bruising around the eye, air in the eye socket, minor nose bleeding, and asthma exacerbation.  These problems are all either self limiting or require only minimal intervention. 
2.   Bleeding is a potential risk.  Rarely, bleeding will be severe enough to stop the operation and require placement of nasal packing.  Blood transfusion is very rarely required.
3.   Loss of vision has been reported after ESS.  This is an extremely rare complication, but recovery from this problem is unlikely.  Double vision has also been reported, but usually resolves over time.
4.   Postoperative sinus infection may occur.  This can happen due to incomplete surgery or from postoperative inflammatory changes.  You may require additional antibiotics during the recovery period. 
5.   Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak(CSF) and Meningitis.  These complications are very rare.  However, if they occur, re-operation to seal a CSF leak or prolonged IV antibiotics to treat meningitis may be required.