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Audiology is a discipline that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders.  Its practitioner, who treat those with hearing loss and proactively prevent related damage, are audiologists.  Here at Alabama Nasal and Sinus Center, we are blessed with two excellent audiologists who are an invaluable resource for Dr. Sillers and Dr. Lay as they treat patients with ear disease, hearing loss, and vestibular disorders.  Our audiologists are a great asset for our patients. 

margaret   emily
Margaret Springfield has her doctorate in audiology and is in demand as a teacher and lecturer in the field of audiology.  She’s awesome.   Emily is also awesome.

She’s from Enterprise, after all.

They both work part-time so that they can devote time to the care of their children and home.  

They are available three days a week for hearing test, hearing aid evaluations and service. 

Call 980-2091 for an appointment.