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Two are better than One - A discussion of hearing aids

Two Ears Are Better Than One....

Have you ever had a family member tell you that you need a hearing aid? Or that you need to get your hearing checked. Or, have you noticed that you can sleep through a thunderstorm while others around you are awakened. Well, our tendency is to blow off these signs as yet another reason not to attend the next family reunion – all those crazy folks, you know. However, it might be prudent to consider for a moment that you might have hearing loss (gasp!). One of the things I do here at Alabama Nasal and Sinus Center is take care of people with hearing loss. Husbands who cannot hear wives and play the TV way too loud and wives who have to constantly ask others to repeat themselves are the types of people I see commonly in my office. We are very fortunate to have two outstanding audiologists on our staff that we work with to rehabilitate patients with hearing loss. Together, the physician and audiologist can diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your hearing loss, if possible. The audiologist has further expertise in fitting, programming, and servicing hearing aids for those who need them. If you or a family member are experiencing hearing loss, you might be considering the use of hearing aid amplification

As hearing care professionals, we are often asked, "Do I need two hearing aids, or can I wear just one?" Wearing hearing instruments on both ears is often recommended and will provide advantages that only one hearing aid will not.

 Sound localization is dependent on two ears. When one ear functions better than the other, you are unable to determine the direction and origin of a sound.
 Hearing with both ears will also maximize your understanding in noisy situations. When you are in a noisy environment, hearing with two ears will give you better ability to suppress background noise.
 Hearing aids will also provide balanced hearing when worn on both ears. This will allow you to respond appropriately, whether the conversation is on your right or left side.

As you are considering which hearing aids are best for you? Keep in mind the benefits of hearing with both ears....two ears are better than one!

God bless. Have a great day!

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