Chronic Rhinitis and Treatments

Are you experiencing a persistent sensation of a runny or congested nose on a daily basis? Do you find yourself constantly needing to blow your nose? These symptoms may occur due to inflammation, irritation, and swelling of the nasal passages, all part of Chronic Rhinitis.

Chronic rhinitis can have various causes, and in many cases, it can be attributed to abnormal or overactive posterior nasal nerves in the nose. These nerves can trigger excessive production of mucus, leading to a constant runny or stuffy nose, as well as post-nasal drip.

While chronic rhinitis is not life-threatening, it can significantly impact your overall quality of life. Many sufferers find themselves relying on medications that offer only temporary relief, or resorting to tissues or sprays to manage their persistent runny or congested nose. Unfortunately, these symptoms can cause annoyance or embarrassment in public, hindering individuals from fully enjoying their lives.

The NEUROMARK Procedure

Common treatments for Rhinitis may include over the counter treatments, prescription medications, and possibly surgery. Many surgical treatments exist, but the NEUROMARK System delivers a very unique, but effective, treatment.

The NEUROMARK system has been designed to deliver controlled low-power Radio Frequency (RF) energy to specific areas of the nasal cavity. This gentle application aims to disrupt the parasympathetic nerve signals, which in turn helps reduce the inflammatory response. As a result, core symptoms such as nasal congestion and excessive mucus secretion (rhinorrhea) are alleviated.

Watch the video to learn more about NEUROMARK and contact our office to learn if you are a candidate.