Purpose: to provide compassionate, timely, evidence-based care to individuals with disorders of the ears, nose and throat

We believe in excellence and hard work.  Our desire is to model excellence in all we do-from answering the phone, scheduling appointments, returning calls, to providing care. We welcome feedback and suggestions so that we may continue to improve.

We are committed to honesty and integrity.  We maintain strict adherence to correct billing and coding practices.  The landscape is ever changing and we make every effort to keep up with individual insurance plans including allowable charges, co-pays, deductibles and global periods.  If there is ever a question about a bill we will do everything we can to explain it and if necessary make appropriate adjustments.

We are concerned about confidentiality.  We pledge to maintain patient confidentiality as prescribed by law (HIPPA). If you ever feel your confidentiality is not being maintained please let us know immediately.

We strive for timeliness.  We recognize that each patient’s time is valuable. We also recognize that some patients require more time than others and pledge to give each patient all the time that he/she needs to adequately address their problem. When we are running behind we will do our best to communicate that to you.

We measure our success by each patient’s outcome.  Your satisfaction and improvement in your medical condition is our primary endpoint.  We pledge to treat you with the best available, evidence based medical care and to help manage appropriate expectations.  If there is ever a time when you believe we are not delivering as promised, please let us know.

We connect God’s blessing with His purpose.  We realize that God has uniquely gifted us to impact your lives in a positive way. This does not end with us.  We intend to use our resources to impact our local community and beyond by supporting our local church and ministries such as Neverthirst, Compassion International, and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.  We have also supported numerous charitable organizations at patient’s request.  Please feel free to make suggestions for us to consider.