What Does A Pediatric ENT Do

What Does A Pediatric ENT Do?

If your child suffers from conditions or problems related to their ears, nose, or throat, a Pediatric ENT may be the medical professional you want to have on speed dial. Pediatric ENT's can treat a variety of issues such as chronic infections, breathing issues, snoring, sore throats, and hearing issues. Read on to find out more about how a Pediatric ENT can help you and your child.

Common Ear Conditions in Children

Ear infections and inflammation are some of the most common issues that can affect children's ears. A child's ears are still in the development phase and can be susceptible to clogging, fluid backup, or damage to the ear tissue. A Pediatric ENT can help your child with both treating the symptoms and addressing the underlying root cause.

Common Nose Conditions in Children

It seems like some kids are really just a walking runny nose. Runny noses can be caused by a multitude of reasons such as seasonal allergies, a common cold, or some other underlying issue. As the ears, nose, and throat are interconnected, the extra mucus from a runny nose can also cause issues in the ears or throat. They can also be related to sinus infections involving feeling pain or pressure in and around the nose and eyes. An ENT specialist will help to diagnose and treat your child's runny nose.

Common Throat Conditions in Children

The most common throat problems that children experience usually cause symptoms of a sore throat. That can be a sign of a viral infection, bacterial infection, tonsils or adenoids issue, or excess mucus draining into the throat from the nose or mouth. If you child experiences frequent sore throats, a visit to a Pediatric ENT specialist is recommended.

Treating the Symptoms and the Cause

If your child has a sore throat or runny nose the right move can be to simply give them cold medicine and wait a couple days. But if your child has frequent ear, nose, or throat issues, or if symptoms become severe, a Pediatric ENT specialist can help. They'll work with you and your child to develop or prescribe the right treatment method that best addresses the symptoms and underlying root cause to your child's ailments.

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